Napisali do nas oferując współpracę w konkursach programu UE Horizon 2020, Challenge 1: Health, demographic change and wellbeing

• Firma informatyczna:

We are working on a proposal for PHC-25 on Horizon 2020 for a mobile screening and monitoring systems for depression. We would want to know your interest in participating as a Partner in our proposal.

For the moment, we are evaluating partners to decide who will form the final consortium. If you are interested, I will send you an abstract of the proposal.

As for us, we are a software company specialized in web application development and custom ERP software solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning). We have experience contributing to European Project’s consortium providing high-tech solutions. We have developed collaborative platforms for public and private bodies related to management of medical activity.

• Kaleidos z Północnych Włoch:

I’m contacting you on behalf of “Kaleidos”, a non-profit company focused on the cure and care of people suffering of a psychiatric condition or a neurological disorder, as well as the support of their relatives. Kaleidos operates in the North Italy area, offering medical services in order to improve the lifestyle of people suffering of mental health problems by means of the state-of-the-art rehabilitation procedures and excellent facilities.

Expertise and goals:
- complete management of health structures where both self-sufficient and not self-sufficient patients are admitted to benefit of a 24H assistance by a multi-disciplinary professional team;
- facilitate the rehabilitation of people affected by a mental discomfort;
- promote an interdisciplinary model of care based on a network of
different health operators;
- give professional support to patients and families;
- offer a “personalized medicine” approach based on the most recent knowledge and developments in the field of pharmaco-resistance & pharmaco-genetics.
In addition, we have exceptional skills on genetics of mental disorders.

If you are interested to collaborate with Kaleidos for a H2020 project proposal, we will be very glad to hearing from you.

• Osoby zainteresowane powyższymi ofertami proszone są o kontakt z Biurem Zarządzania Projektami w IPiN, tel. 22 45 82 534, e-mail: